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Endovascular stent graft configuration and rendering


Is it free? Should I register to the site?

Access to EVARplanning is totally free. No fee, no credit card required. EVARplanning is a web app, so you do not even have to download/install anything on your computer. We just ask you to subscribe for free to the site, so we can add you to our 1,500+ members community. Please keep your info updated by sending a new form whenever there is a change. We respect your privacy and none of your data will be displayed online. Read our Privacy Policy

Can I use my usual sizing software?

Yes, of course. EVARplanning is NOT a vascular sizing software or plugin. It doesn't deal with sizing. It's about the subsequent step of planning, the endograft configuration. If you regularly use OsiriX or TeraRecon, or 3mensio etc. for sizing, you will keep on using them. EVARplanning starts where they end.

What are the basic functions and features of the app?

Here is the link to the EVARplanning USER'S GUIDE, where most functions and features of the app are shown. Here is a short DEMO VIDEO.

Don't be afraid to give it a try. Most functions are intuitive and can be simply discovered while using the apps. Your changes won't be published online, nor saved.

Do I have to fill in all the fields of the app with the sizes?

No, you don't necessarily have to fill in all the values: enter at least one diameter at each site, and the lengths. Not completed fields will automatically change by the same value (supposing diameters don't change); they will still be displayed in grey. Of course you can modify each value at any time.

If the prosthesis type is selected before at least one diameter and length is entered at each side, default values will be automatically assigned, and a “demo sizes” message will be displayed: don't forget to enter the true values for the plan.

Can I import sizes from other software?

This functionality is available from 3mensio Vascular (Pie Medical Imaging, Maastricht, The Netherlands). The software allows you to collect all sizes in a suitable form while measuring, and to export them automatically to EVARplanning. To learn more, watch this VIDEO.

What is the "measurement method" setting about?

You are supposed to know the method for diameter measurement (inner wall or outer wall) requested by the prosthesis that you intend to use. By default, the app follows the method requested by the IFU of the selected endograft. The size fields will show different borders based on the active method, to remind user about the IFU request. So if you switch to a different endograft type, diameter sizes might need to be slightly modified. Select "inner x inner" or "outer x outer" if you wish to specify your measurement method as needed (as mentioned, one method will not be suitable for all endografts). Select "outer and inner" to enter both sizes (medium values) and compare all endografts in real-time.

Can I save and reload my sizes and plan while using the app?

The app does not save the data you enter, so if you refresh the page, all data will be lost. However, there is a way to export both measurements and planning settings into a spreadsheet, so you will be allowed to store separately and easily reload the case whenever you need it. LEARN MORE

What does the "allow length" setting mean?

This function allows EVARplanning to find the best endograft configuration including solutions with a slightly longer landing than the iliac bifurcation length. This might be very useful when a suitable graft is just few millimeters longer, and might work as a better alternative to an unsatisfactory shorter landing.

The command is set to +5 mm by default. You can cancel the function and let EVARplanning accept only the exact length range, or you can even increase the chances up to +10 mm.

Of course you want to have backups for the implant, and check the landing points by angiography. If your preop measurements are confirmed, you may need to gently push the graft ahead during the deployment, to achieve a perfect alignement to the iliac bifurcation.

Can I print the planning?

Print function is usually available in your browser. For example, in Safari: right click on the page > print page. In Google Chrome select Ctrl+P (Mac: ⌘-P). Printing options will be available.

As an alternative, we suggest you take a screenshot, and paste it on a word file (where you can also crop the image conveniently), or on a email.

Any other questions or suggestions? Send a message!

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