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Endovascular stent graft configuration and rendering

About EVARplanning

The idea, the achievements, and the future

By doctors, for doctors

Planning is crucial to the success of an endovascular aortic implant, but sizing is only the first step to a successful procedure. Despite the wide availability of technological resources, there has not yet been any effective electronic assistance during the subsequent steps.

We generally do not welcome the uncomfortable task of prosthesis selection and configuration, as it involves plowing through catalog lists in search of the most suitable graft pieces. Delegating this task entirely to the manufacturer’s product specialist makes it easier, but we believe there is a chance we miss something when we do.

Sharing is beautiful

We started sharing EVARplanning with colleagues as a free web app, and it has stayed that way so far. You do not have to pay anything, just  sign up for free and start planning your next endograft from your PC or Mac. So far, over 1,500 vascular specialists from all over the world have joined the site. We have had over 15,000 site views in 2017 (800+ sessions/month), and we expect the number to continue to increase at higher rates, as users spread the word.

Sharing is our credo. Give us your constant feedback, and we'll never stop improving.

Faster with 3mensio

Since January 2016, EVARplanning has been available directly from 3mensio Vascular, the well-known software for pre-operative sizing and planning, thanks to a new integrated functionality that allows 3mensio users to directly upload the measurements into EVARplanning, and easily plan the aortic endovascular implant.

The connection from 3mensio to EVARplanning is a natural step. We are excited about this collaboration, which combines the excellence in sizing with our unique tool for the endograft configuration and rendering. Video: EVARplanning with 3mensio

Men at work

We are working on development with excellent partners, to upgrade our current prototype to a revolutionary machine learning system for the predictive planning and rendering of endovascular procedures, based on our global community experience. Our next cloud-based, collaborative web platform will also allow doctors to share the case online with the endograft company specialist, send a quick order, or connect with other hospitals for second opinion and case referral.

Predictive analytics tools based on large size of databases will be unbeatable in the future, with higher reliability, improved performance and lower cost. We are on this track.

Algorithm development

In 2014, we started designing an algorithm, including a database with codes, sizes, shapes, and instructions for use of the most frequently used aortic endoprostheses. We have added our surgical skills, and the experience of hundreds of real cases, in a continuous process of validation and calibration of the algorithm in comparison with the planning provided by the endograft company specialists, getting better and better through the years. We have added more features, and made the app more user-friendly and efficient. Today EVARplanning provides endovascular specialists with a tool that no other app or software currently does.

Better control, better results

A significant number of patients undergo EVAR outside the instructions for use (IFU). In a recent retrospective analysis over 50% of the patients treated with EVAR had one or more features outside the IFU, and those patients had higher rates of early and late type I endoleak, early reintervention, and late death (J Am Coll Surg. 2016 Jan 13). EVARplanning helps surgeons choose the best configuration based on the IFU and the endograft company recommendations, with caution and unfit alerts, oversize controls at different levels of the implant, and real-time comparison among available brands.

Awards and developments

On April 1 2016, EVARplanning won the BioUpper 2016 Award for new entrepreneurial ideas in the field of life science. On June 15 2017, EVARplanning received the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission, renewed in 2018. EVARplanning is ready for an outstanding upgrade in technology, and new potentialities. Our development plan has gained the interest of scientific partners and investors, and brought us among the best biotech startups in our country. We are committed to spending our ideas, passion and hard work for a constant improving in our patients care, and we thank all our members for supporting us.

Paolo Spada, MD, Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, founder.

EVARplanning spread: app sessions in 2017.

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