Endovascular stent graft configuration and rendering



EVARplanning and Medtronic are proud to present a new collaborative platform to help meet the needs of healthcare professionals. With this new cloud platform, healthcare professionals can plan their aortic procedures and seek for a second opinion from a dedicated Medtronic specialist.  EVARplanning is continuing to provide cutting edge solutions and is collaborating with Medtronic’s experience to extend its reach, to help in the treatment of more patients. In case you, as a healthcare professional, are interested in using this novel platform, please contact us by clicking this button.



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What is EVARplanning?

EVARplanning is a free, simple, yet powerful tool to help vascular surgeons plan the aortic endovascular implant. The algorithms will easily guide you to the best endograft solution, based on the anatomy of your patient.

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How it works

It's a web app. Just enter the sizes of the aneurysm, and choose the intended endograft. The best configuration will be displayed, interactively adapting to your preferences, as well as to the IFU and features of the graft.

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EVARplanning @ Charing Cross 2019
2016 Winner of BioUpper Award for new ideas in life sciences
2017 Seal of Excellence - European Commission H2020 phase 1
2018 Seal of Excellence - European Commission H2020 phase 2